Yagmur Guvenc

de omnibus rebus et quibusdam aliis

The first short story I wrote was about the things a raindrop saw falling from the sky. That story, I believe, is a key to understand my outlook in life, about trying to possess different perspectives and to learn from these altered experiences that would allow me to approach life through an ever-changing interactional and intersectional perception. I have been an avid follower of this personal philosophy my whole life, from working with Gündem Çocuk Foundation for children rights to entering in high school to Philosophy Olympics. I studied my undergraduate degree under a full merit scholarship that I received as a result of my high achievement in the art and culture project, held in the senior year of high school. As a result, I decided to study art and culture management as my undergraduate degree, which I believe would possess an interdisciplinary approach to social sciences. I have understood a specific kind of morality lies within the intersections of cultures and disciplines, that I felt a need to explore. Now I am a master student of Philosophy and Social Thought in İstanbul. I am studying animal images on art and curatorial memory practices.


Theory of the Last Modern Perfume

We don’t know what the latest modern perfume will be. Because the world continues to be in transformation all the time. Still, it is free to make assumptions. For something to be ‘last,’ of course, it has to be singular in history somehow. In today’s rapidly changing trend world, the modern human writes not the end of history but the firsts. So let’s go to the first modern perfume ‘Jicky’ and collect traces of the last one.