Sigrid Rosendahl

Sigrid Rosendahl is a writer from Denmark who is working as a content creator for a Danish company and SoMe responsible for an creative office space. She likes to explore and writes about culture and lifestyle and focus on fashion and art in France, mainly Paris. She focus on small fashion brands in many categories, underground street art, photography and cultural experiences. She have been to France many times and are especially fascinated by the Parisian lifestyle. Her signature styling is almost always something black, a blazer and lipstick. You can reach her on Instagram.


The Parisienne It-Girl And Her Design

Meet the french fashionista Jeanne Damas who created a universe of design and make-up for you to be a part of if you want to look Parisian chic. The self-made fashion icon, who recently announced her pregnancy, is inspired by strong women and are designing for them.

How The Bra Has Changed Over The Last 100 Years

Through time the bra has shaped and supported women’s breasts and even though the construction is pretty much the same today as back in the days, fashion trends and society have been a huge part of the design and look.