Based in Madrid/Spain, Claudette is a bilingual and entrepreneur fashion designer and content creator who is inspired by films, music, photography, nature & art. Currently mastering her skills in patternmaking. Her passion is fashion, costume design, traveling, drawing, creating beautiful garments and sewing them herself while she creates her own fashion brand and atelier “Modelisthe”. She wants to focus on premium clothes with a concept that are made to measure or create small high fashion collections with pieces that are made to last and that tell a story and portrait her vision. You can follow her work where she posts about her creative process and her inspirations to create her collections: instagram account.


Decoding Fashion Concept And Design In “The Fifth Element” Film.

Costume design is a vital element when telling a story on a film and giving live to a character that is delicated constructed by a creative team and the director. There is always symbolic language, colour theory, and even psychological aspects to have in mind that send a strong message to the viewer.