Eating Clean To Save The Planet, And Yourself

Alright, first things first: what does clean eating even mean? Well, it is a sustainable and a very attainable lifestyle. Basically, clean eating focuses on eating whole foods from the Earth. Whole foods are foods which are consumed in a natural state.

By Luisa Larios
September 22, 2020

Clean food requires minimal to no processing and refinement. In addition, it involves preparing food in a way that will retain nutrients, such as baking, sauteing and steaming, and avoiding frying or microwaving foods.

Eating a healthy diet in your day to day life (holidays included) is an effective way to take care of the environment. In addition, it is proven that reducing the amount of meat and doubling the consumption of fruits and vegetables reduces between 20% and 40% the possibility of suffering from myocardial infarction, colorectal cancer and type 2 diabetes, as well as reduces by up to 17% the emission of greenhouse gases.

I happened to find myself looking for healthy lifestyle habits when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 24. I was losing too much hair, struggling with weight gain, feeling tired and unhappy; my doctor suggested blood tests and well… voilà. With medication and healthy habits, I manage to keep it under control.

Take small steps into your new green lifestyle

With social media full of talented people, food blogs have become very popular. There are even social media movements such as #VeganTuesday, carried by some influencers on Instagram that encourage their millions of followers to start to eat clean. 

Try to make some healthy recipes, vegan or vegetarian twice per week, and slowly shift to a healthier lifestyle, both beneficial for your body and the planet.

Eating clean while discovering other culture

One of the best ways to connect with a culture is through food. Every time you visit a city or country other than yours, remember that there are things that remain unchanged: during your travels do not restrict yourself, as you may miss out on cultural experiences and exchanges. However, you will find a vegetarian or vegan version of every dish pretty much wherever you go, (vegan Pad Thai? yummy!).

The production of food of animal origin is responsible for 51% of greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, more than 80% of Europeans acknowledge being concerned about the environmental impact of the food they eat (according to a Eurobarometer study).

Privileging the consumption of vegetables (vegetables, greens, fruits, legumes, etc.), is much healthier than resorting to packaged products, in addition to polluting less. 

In any case, if you opt for processed products, preferably choose those that make responsible use of packaging. If you have questions about a company’s environmental policy, check out the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which measures how sustainable the world’s largest companies are.

Just as it is convenient to look at the label of a food to know its nutritional composition, the same happens with the seals that accredit the sustainability of hotels and restaurants. 

For example, Healthia Certification, which has prepared this decalogue, assures guests that the hotel they have chosen to stay in offers healthy alternatives in all its catering points (room service, group menus, buffet breakfast, minibar, amenities, etc), which translates into an advantage for the tourist and a differentiating plus of excellence for the hotel in question. 

Life changing

When you adapt to a clean eating lifestyle, you really start to realize how foods affect your body, especially your stomach, crucial for the rest of your body to function correctly.  Among the benefits, you can see your skin glow and your hair growing faster. You will have more energy and sleep more peacefully. As for me, I notice that my thoughts are more positive, and my mind is sharper. I am less anxious, and I feel healthy overall.

I say give it a try and slowly introduce clean eating into your lifestyle, you really have nothing to lose. And just in case, go check your thyroids too.