Is Forbidden Love Worthy To Be Called Love?

By Elena Faggiana
September 20, 2020


This feeling, with the power to change us so deeply, that is existing since ever. 
It has been wrote, sang, whispered, shouted, and sometimes hidden inside a tear. 
It takes so many roads. 
I believe that love is what we decide it has to be. 
And no one can claim the right to judge the love of someone else, whatever it is. 
It doesn’t exist a right love and a wrong one. 
Because we are love. 
Some loves that cannot fly, cannot live long, cannot show their beauty to the world. 
But even if they are without a reason, and they will always stay bounded to the walls of a room, still they can be so tangible and real.
I often asked to myself if forbidden love is worthy of being called love. 
Maybe, we are still so much used to make our love fitting in a stereotype, into something that is considerate acceptable from society, that we give up on it.
Sometimes fear and people’s judgement can preclude so many things.
But what we should never forget is that love and who we love will never define the woman or the man we are. 
Because is simple, love doesn’t judge.  
Love is irrational, is instinct, is a wave of surronding thoughts.
Is bewildering how a feeling between two lovers can be strong. 
Maybe, is so strong because we know since the beginning that it will end. 
And we live it for what it is. Emotion. 
With no superstructures, with no need to demonstrate anything to anyone. 
Moments where we forget the rest of the world, to create the word us poised between words that will leave no memory.
Of course, the risk is that this feeling is not both ways. 
But following our feelings is always right. 
We are made to live. 
And even if in the end we think that we made a mistake, because it can happen, well, even our mistakes, the ones we have done for love, will never define our value.
And in the end, it doesn’t matter if it broke our heart, because we know we have been real. 
The thing that really matters, is evolution. 
Is how we react, and how we take strenght and we learn lessons, and still stand. 
So, in a life of constraints, where lot of times we have to be in a role, giving us the chance to let go is a breath of fresh air. 
And yes, even this is love. 
A love that cannot fly, but that will make us going forward. 
Because we are not only one direction. We are thousands of roads. 
And the beauty of life is going through that roads, with no fears, without looking back and with no hurry to search what is in front. 
We are instinct, feeling, we are what we feel we need. 
Sometimes, it just happens.
But if it makes you smile, if it makes you happier, if it makes you bringing to the surface sweetness you forgot you had, it was worth it.