5 Sustainable Underwear Brands

Do you want to be more sustainable? Let’s start from your underwear and check these amazing brands that you can afford.

By Marta Terracciano
September 2, 2020

Nowadays everybody wants to be more sustainable and ethical. 
We wonder what else we can do besides the small precautions that are slowly becoming part of our routine? 
I have the answer for you: renew your underwear. No matter if you have a small chest or if you like artisanal and organic things, here there are five brands that are right for you (and that you will love at all!)

1. Aikyou

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It’s a German company of sustainable lingerie dedicated to people with small breast. They use organic cotton and they are inclined to avoid waste as they produced based on the number of their customers. But it doesn’t end there, because they also use sustainable energy to power their factory and they delivery your new underwear in recycled boxes from certified forests.

2. CasaGIN

This time we talk about an Italian company (I’m very proud about that!)  of sustainable underwear, sporty and not, for him and for her.
CasaGIN use organic cotton GOTS, but also other fabrics like the TENCEL modal and the TENCEL lyocell, obtained from eucalyptus and beech woods, and the ECONYL, from nylon trash, treated sustainably to transform it into garments. Their fabrics are antibacterial and support the country’s economy and environment. 

3. Underprotection. 

If you are a romantic girl, here the brand of underwear right for you! Underprotection is a Danish company that produces not only underwear, but also swimwear and home wear; their goal and strength is to use organic cotton, but also materials such as lyocell and recycled wool. 
Plus their lace that makes their underwear so sexy and romantic comes from recycled nylon. 

4. Brook There. 

This American company proposes underwear produced with recycled cotton GOTS certificated and made in USA. Their products are packaged with biodegradable bio plastic. I suggest this brand if you want to become a simple, sustainable, minimal and classy woman. 
ALL their fabrics are artisanal, one more reason to support this company and its products, aimed to supporting the country’s manufacturing and labour. 

5. Ana Ono. 

This is my favourite one (in fact I leave this for a great end).
Ana Ono is a company composed by only women who have fought and defeated breast cancer and it’s entirely dedicated to women who are still facing this terrible disease. The goal of this amazing factory is to create bras and bralettes for women who have undergone breast surgery such as reconstructions, mastectomies or other form of surgery. The profit that comes from the sale of this underwear is donated to associations that support research.

Today there are many conflicting opinions regarding sustainable underwear and clothing in general. But if we are committed to changing not only our lifestyle, but also the way we dress, we will support our country’s economy and invest in renewable resources. 
Fashion is teaching us that a bottle can become a bra and that it is possible to support sustainable and cutting-edge companies. 

So, what do you think? 
Choose your favourite brand, buy your new and sustainable underwear and be yourself in it!
Good luck, girls!