The Parisienne It-Girl And Her Design

Meet the french fashionista Jeanne Damas who created a universe of design and make-up for you to be a part of if you want to look Parisian chic. The self-made fashion icon, who recently announced her pregnancy, is inspired by strong women and are designing for them.

By Sigrid Rosendahl
August 13, 2020

French fashion inspires people across the world to find their inner It-French-Girl style through designers, models and influencers. Among all the designers, I took a look at a self-made parisienne woman from The City Of Lights, who made her effortless style so chic, it went worldwide and inspired us all to get our own personal french style. If you love the Parisian style and want to know more about how to Frenchify your own styling in your day-to-day lives, have a look at Jeanne Damas. 

Photo: Rouje

Jeanne Damas

Jeanne Damas, the French It-girl, a style icon, also known as la parisienne, is born and raised in the wonderful old city part of Paris, Le Marais.
Damas started out sharing photos she took on her Skyblog profil – a French version of MySpace. The profile became an inspiration site for many, because of how she dressed and styled herself. Today Damas is a successful woman with loads of talents and job titles such as influencer, designer, actor, model and writer. She is the perfect example of a modern renaissance woman. Being only 28. 

Damas is one of France’s most emblematic faces and influential young creatives, and as Vogue Paris said it, “the perfect example of a self-made woman – made in France”.

If you are dreaming of a Damas look-alike wardrobe, she created her own fashion label Rouje in 2016, to reflect her personality. Damas herself is the heart and eye of the brand for this very feminine and savoir-faire clothing brand who is grounded in elegant, ready-to-wear, prints wrap skirts and blouses, a success that went abroad from Paris, worldwide.  

My ambition was to make my own perfect wardrobe – for every season – simple, feminine and with a touch of vintage

Jeanne Damas

You will also find reinterpretations of old French classics among beautiful vintage inspired dresses, high-waist jeans and comfortable knits who you will also see Damas herself in on her Instagram profile. 

Damas have the effortlessly chic French girl look and you recognize the French beauty on her casual wavy brown hair, big eyes and always red lipstick. She is the definition of Parisian Chic and embodies Parisian youth and effortless ultra feminine coolness. Her styling is always timeless, relaxed and very inspiring. She has a flair of mixing masculine and feminine with her retro inspired wardrobe that gives her the French je ne sais quoi look. 

Damas aesthetic eye for details is obvious in the way she mix jeans with vintage blouses, blazers and miniskirts or blonde tops with long wrap skirts.

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Damas is flooding social media with her everyday parisienne life, inviting you to follow her charming images of her wearing beautiful wrap dresses, dreamy pictures of Paris and which restaurants to go to and what to read while having your espresso on a side café. 

To be a parisienne you must love Paris

She is teaching us how to embrace this Parisian chic lifestyle through her own fashion label, Rouje, her new makeup line, Le Regard and her soon-to-be boutique restaurant Chez Jeanne.

“It is not about the clothes, the style, the look. It is about Paris. The city atmosphere, the vibe, the architecture, the history and the lifestyle people live here. You can only be a true parisienne in Paris. And she is not just one type. She can not be reduced to a stereotype, a archetype or a cliché – it is so much more. We are all different. If there is something that can make us unite, it is exactly that we embrace those differences”. 

Jeanne Damas
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French style certainly inspires us to invest and explore the quality and fashion items everyday and French designers have a way of showing us that innate style comes from within and that you must dress yourself for yourself, just like Jeanne Damas. This seems like a simple philosophy, and that’s what makes it so simple and perfect.