The Lockdown: Facing The Deepest Part Of Ourselves

How meditation and natural products can be helpful during unprecedented times.

“Never feel guilty for starting again”

– Rupi Kaur

By Elena Faggiana
August 2, 2020.

The truth is that this pandemic has changed every one of us.
Some people more, some people less. But yes, everyone. We found ourselves face to face with the deepest part of ourselves, the part we were scared to speak with.
These months led to reflection, about so many things we thought we had no time for. Reflection about ourselves, and the way our life is turning out, bringing to the surface the side we were trying to keep hidden inside.
Sometimes, the bustle and the inertia of our days do not allow the space for introspection.
But these days have given us that time, with no excuses.
Stopping sometimes is necessary, to understand if what we are doing is really what we want.
To see if we can proudly say yes, this is the life I am comfortable with.
Becoming aware is scary, and can create anxiety, discomfort.
But in the end, in some way fear means consciousness.
If we can understand what is making us afraid, we really can change.
Of course, we need to have a lot of courage.
But, it is in, fact from this discomfort that we can start again.
And no matter what, we have to ride this wave that is our life.
We can realize that we are far away from ourselves, but we can always come back. Stronger than ever before.
From this lockdown, we should learn how to see our tomorrow with new eyes, because every day is hiding a new sunrise, a new tender, a new friend, a new experience, a new love.
So don’t forget to fly like that bird and its freedom, on the surface of the water, in the sweetest sunrise.
For sure, we can try to keep some habits that are helpful for us.

Time for us, and only for us, and we can take some supplementation from natural products that can give us physical strength and balance for our mind.

Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash

Take back your time   

Try to continue to keep time for YOURSELF. 
Moments that are only for you. 
If you can be in peace with yourself, loving yourself, you can love everyone else.
Frida Kahlo said, “Fall in love with yourself, with life and then with whoever you want”
And is true. It’s more than true. 
And why not start with meditation
Not every day, if it is demanding, if you have a full-time job or a family is difficult to maintain in the long run.
So, let us be realistic. 
Once a week is enough, to begin with.
Sunday morning, before breakfast. 
Open the window, inhale the air of the morning and say hello to the sun, because It’s shining also for you (just in case you forgot ). 
Try to listen to the birds singing, how peaceful they are. 
Try, for five minutes, you won’t need more time to clear your mind. 
Forget about everything that has happened during the last week, what is going to happen today, what will happen the following week. 
Forget people, forget commitments, and remove all the noise from your head.
And think about yourself, because you are beautiful, and even if sometimes you forget it, remind yourself that you still are.
Even if sometimes you are tired, so tired that you cannot keep your eyes open and you think you are a mess. 
Just inhale. 
Hold your breath for five seconds. 
And exhale.

Photo by Teymi Townsend on Unsplash

Think positive

It is important not just to say it, but also to preach it. being kind will give you back so many smiles.
That you will want to smile
Again and again. 
I always like to think that on the west side of the world  the day has still to begin! 
It gives me so much the idea of a new possibility
Nothing has still been wasted. 
Nothing is still compromised. 
Everything is still to be written.

Did you know

That sometimes tiredness or anxiety is strictly related to vitamin deficiency?
Sometimes we feel so tired, and we have no energy.
Everything seems to be bigger than us. And is like we cannot face our everyday routine. 
Well, vitamins and supplementation can play an important role in changing these feelings. 

Vitamin C

It’s fantastic, for so many purposes.
It’s perfect for who practice sport, as it helps maintain a strong immune system after a vigorous workout. 
It is perfect for athletes and professionals as well. 
It helps in maintaining normal psychological function and in reducing physical tiredness. 
Last but not the least, constant use of vitamin c  will improve the production of collagen, for our skin to function normally! 
So, our skin will be brighter, stronger, and we will feel better!

Photo Coco Tafoya on Unsplash


Rhodiola is a plant, and the usage of its root is really interesting. 
Our life can be so hectic, full of stress – both physical and psychological- that sometimes we are not able to deal with our emotions.
Well, this plant will help us exactly how we need it. 
In terms of definition, this plant is a tonic-adaptogen. 
A plant that will help our body to adapt to stress, and react to it without being overwhelmed. 
Supplementation can help us maintain our normal mood tone and can give us a cool head for living in our daily life to the fullest. 
So, in some moments of our life, for a limited period, we could consider the Rhodiola. 

Photo de monicore on Pixabay

Omega 3

Sometimes it seems easier to dispel our stress through food (mostly junk food) or a cigarette when we come back home in the evening. 
All these habits are harmful, and in the long run, will lead to something self-defeating. 
A good and balanced meal can make us stronger. 
A lot of studies tell us that low levels of omega-3 can lead to a great deal of psychophysical stress. 
Supplementation with fish oil could be beneficial, especially if we know we have to face important commitments that will require a lot of effort. 
One thing where we should focus our attention is the quality of this fish oil supplementation. 
We always have to be sure that the product is safe, and is prepared with techniques that can assure the absence of heavy metals in it. This is VERY IMPORTANT.
Of course, our willpower is everything.
But still, we can use some tricks!

Photo by David B Townsend on Unsplash.