Juny Breeze

Juny Breeze explains how to be successful on Instagram by just being yourself.

By Mildred Flores
June 25, 2020

Juny is one of the prettiest and kindest girls I’ve ever met on Intagram, and I’m sure you’ll love her too after you read this interview.
She has been featured on websites like Elle, Grazia, Whowhatwear, Vogue and has collaborated with various brands.

Maybe you wonder what differentiates Juny from the other Parisian girls?, Why is she so popular on Instagram?, What does she have that others don’t? Well , she is herself and that’s her super power.

Juny was born in Paris, where she has lived all her life and studied Market Finance. She’s a strong woman who accepts and loves herself, but it hasn’t always been “la vie en rose”. Because she is from Egyptian and Moroccan roots, she didn’t have the same acceptance to her origins at each step of her life. However, the combination of both cultures is exactly what makes her and her style unique.

“When I was a kid I thought there was something shameful about being quite different. And growing up I learnt to accept and acknowledge the richness of what I am made of through my parents cultures.”


She decided not to side with one culture over the other and just be in harmony with both.

“I don’t believe we have to chose and I don’t like to stick to one mood and be defined from it. It would be so sad to leave one culture for the other. So, I just go and mix my French and Arabic cultures without even thinking about it. And guess what ? It turns out to just be Mediterranean culture! “.


Juny’s success on Instagram was by accident. At the beginning she was just selling her vintage clothes through her instagram account .

“I had my first clients, then brands and agencies reached out to work together and now I really enjoy matching my vintage finds for sale with the modern brands that work with me. It’s two worlds (sustainable and creative) working hand in hand, I like it so much !”


But the thing she loves the most about Intagram is the kind messages of women thanking her for the images she gives of Mediterranean woman.

“I feel overwhelmed every time, as I feel so small to be thanked for this. But, it makes me happy that this work has value for some of the women there”.

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Juny’ Style
Mediterranean Vintage is a perfect discription for Juny’s style. She discovered it by watching 50’s and 60’s French and Egyptian movies and thrift shopping through all her travels. Her wardrobe essentials is a pair of perfect fit levi’s jeans, a white t-shirt and a black blazer.

Skin Care Routine
Her skin care routine it’s a moment of peace and relaxation after or before a busy day. She learned recently how to use a crystal stone and she admits that massaging her face really makes a difference.

Skin Care Routine:
1. I spray rosewater from Morocco that I keep in the fridge.
2. Then tap natural oil on my face and start a warm followed by a cold massage with the crystal stone. Most of the face oil absorbs into the skin once done. I don’t feel the need to add cream over the oil.
4. I then like to re-spray rose mist and a lipbalm.

Although most of my routine starts out of the bathroom : I drink a lot of water and I do hammam scrubs often.


Make Up Routine
She loves her make up to just enhance the lines her face as she doesn’t like to look different than she does without makeup.
In summer she also likes to keep her make up sweat friendly. She don’t like to prevent her body from sweating as most of the time this a necessary mechanism to stay glowy and healthy. So this means no powder or fixing textures. If make up moves through the day she doesn’t really mind.

1. I start with SPF (sunscreen).
2. I then love a bit of mascara on the end corner of my eyes to get the “Bambi effect “.
3. For underage corrector I prefer a creamy one.
4. Next, a creamy rosy blush on the cheeks and nose bone as if I was kissed by the sun.
5. Last, a reddish tone lip balm on the lips


Juny Breeze Vintage

Juny’s brand are unique pieces that they select from Paris and they ship worldwide. Bringing somea touch of Paris style into all women’s closets while making very stylish unique vintage pieces available for all the closets of the women.

These pieces are to be worn by women who want to be stylish, romantic and inspired women who love sustainability. Each piece is to be passed down to generations and given to future daughters as the vintage quality was made to last.

“I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.”