8 Fashion Series You’ll Love

8 TV series that will make you feel all the emotions, have all the fashion content you will wish for and are easy to find on Netflix or Amazon.

By Mildred Flores
June 5, 2020

These are 8 TV series full of drama, love, heartbreak, fun, laughter, suspense and many more emotions but especially, A LOT OF FASHION.
I chose these series because they are the ones that have been “recently released” and are the easiest to find on platforms like Netflix or Amazon.


If you loved the movies, I’m sure you’ll love the series. This consists of 6 six seasons (1998–2004) filmed in New York City, run by HBO and based on Candace Bushnell’s book. Sex and the City takes a candid and comical look at the lives and loves of four Manhattan career women in their 30s and 40s.
Carrie Bradshaw, a writer and self-described sexual anthropologist, philosophizes about modern sex life in a newspaper column, drawing from her own experiences and those of her friends. The self-sufficient and sexually adventurous Samantha, the cynical and headstrong Miranda and the idealistic and naive Charlotte.


If you are a person who wants to set up their own clothing brand, I highly recommend this series. Based on Sophia Amoruso‘s real life, the founder of the fashion company Nasty Gal . The series is about her life before Nasty Gal and how various events led her to starting the company.
This series only has one season and focuses on narrating the beginnings of this company, so if you want to know more about the story of her life and where is Nasty Gal today, you will have to buy her book #girlboss.


This series is about the problems of interest that several wealthy families in Atlanta go through, especially the Carrington family. The characters love chaos, drama, power and money.
This series is based on the original series of the same name from the 80’s, but the reason why I love this series more is because it’s one of the few series with an inclusive cast, there are latins, blacks, asians and white actors (from all over the world), as well as characters from the lgbt community. In both versions of the series the characters are wearing great outfits but my personal choice is definitely the remake.


 It’s a sweeping drama from Spain. Sira Quiroga begins her life as a dressmaker in Madrid just before the Spanish Civil War. She’s engaged to a nice, respectable public servant when she meets Ramiro. Who then takes Sira to Morocco. He spends all her money and deserts her. She’s forced to spend some time in Morocco where she has to work. So, she opens a sewing shop.
Afterwards many events, she is asked to be a Britich spy for the second world war and she accepts making her life having a sudden turn..
It’s a very peculiar story, where there is love, war, drama, disillusion, spies and fashion, lots of fashion.


An American teen drama tv series based on the novel series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar. Narrated by the unknown, omniscient blogger “Gossip Girl”. The series begins with the surprising return of Serena van der Woodsen to NY,  after a mysterious absence. It then tells the story of these privileged upper-class adolescents living in Manhattan. Blair Waldorf is best friends with Serena and highly focused on status, wealth and academic achievement. Dan Humphrey, who doesn’t fit in with the UES teenagers as he lives in Brooklyn and is not a legacy student.  Nate Archibald, Blair’s boyfriend and golden boy.  Chuck Bass, son of one of New York’s most successful real estate moguls. Decadent and amoral, Chuck is mainly interested in women and alcohol. And others caracters you will get to know in the series.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

In 9 episodes, the series explores the murder of designer Gianni Versace by spree killer Andrew Cunanan, based on Maureen Orth’s book. The series begins on the morning of July 15, 1997 when the fashion designer Gianni Versace is shot and killed outside his Miami Beach mansion by Andrew Cunanan. Then, the series immediately travels back to the life of these two characters, telling important moments in Gianni’s life and how Andrew became a murderer, until ending at the moment when the series began.


Friends is a 90’s Comedy TV show, based in Manhattan, about 6 friends who go through just about every life experience imaginable together; love, marriage, divorce, children, heartbreaks, fights, new jobs and job losses with all sorts of drama. The show starts off with each character in their 20’s, and expands over a 10 year period. The reason why friends is here, It’s because I love the outfits.


It is a Spanish TV series.  The main storyline is the love story of Alberto Márquez, heir of “Galerías Velvet“, one of the most prestigious fashion houses in Spain during the late 1950s, and Ana Rivera, who works as a seamstress there. It’s a series with a lot of drama, where it will not be easy for the characters to be together because of their social class difference. The series consists of 4 seasons, where we will see the characters showing the best of 1950’s fashion.